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Pixie Hates Fat Guys like You Added: Jul 12 2017

"Oh my God, you're so fucking fat, dude," Pixie laughs as she lays in bed."Ew, look at all those rolls," she continues. "Oink, oink, oink!" sheteases while insulting you for being overweight. "Like, seriously, I'mlooking at that double chin right now and I'm in pure disgust." Pixieclearly doesn't like fat people and she's not shy about expressing t ... Read More

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Dressing up My Pathetic Pet for a Walk! Added: Jul 11 2017

Hello, my little pet! I know you want to take a walk with me out in public but do you really think I would take you anywhere looking like that? Come here, you little sissy boy, I have a the perfect outfit for you. I'll show you exactly what I want you to wear when you're out on the street with me. These hot pink panties have your name written all o ... Read More

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Pixie Makes You Take a Strap-On Added: Jul 10 2017

"Hey you little fucking faggot," Pixie pleasantly greets you with."Momma's got a new strap-on," she says while showing it to you. She slideson the big, strap-on cock and demands that you start sucking on it. Shemakes you deep throat it nice and good before having you turn around topound your tight asshole. "How's it feel to be fucked by a girl?" sh ... Read More

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Sniff Pixie's Sweaty Feet Added: Jul 09 2017

Perched on the edge of her bed, Pixie dangles her feet over the side andgives you a great view of her cute little feet. She demands that you sniffthem and informs you that they're quite sweaty, smelly, and gross. Shelays back and gets comfortable while having you lick her feet clean. Shewiggles them back and forth as you run your tongue all over th ... Read More

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Foot Worship and Humiliation with Mistress Pixie Added: Jul 07 2017

"What's up, you little freak?" Pixie asks. "I heard you have a fascinationwith feet," she says. Sitting down and showing off her cute bare feet,Pixie has you worship them and details exactly how she wants you to do it.She demands that you lick and kiss her feet all over and take her heel inyour mouth. "Can you do that, or are you too stupid to foll ... Read More

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Jerk to Me All Day Long! Added: Jul 06 2017

You're addicted to stroking your pathetic cock to me and spend countlesshours each and every week jerking-off to my videos. If it weren't for workyou'd spend every minute of your day in front of your computer tuggingyour cock while fantasizing about me. Watching, stroking, and obsessingover me are the three things you do best. I'd tell you to start ... Read More

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